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Tamar Matossian is a Developmental Specialist with over 15 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults while specializing in early childhood development with neuro-diverse children.


Using child-centered play therapy, also known as the DIR Floor-Time Model, and with dual degrees in both Social Work and Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Tamar uses many modalities when in session with your child to find their interests and grow with them from there. As a mother of three, she understands the demands on parents and will work with your whole family to ease the challenges of raising a unique child.



Whether she's working one-on-one or with a group of kids, Tamar will work with you to to set measurable and achievable goals based on developmental levels, taking into account your child’s ability for joint attention, regulation and processing while looking for opportunities for complex problem solving. All of this is done with sensitivity for your family’s particular makeup.



Sessions are held in a bright and fun office or can be scheduled in home.


A second grader with Autism and another with a curious mind, this book answers some everyday questions that kids may have about Autism in a funny and simplistic way.


It emphasizes all the positive aspects of a child with Autism, as well as, some of the challenges they may face at school. By using simple pictures and typed text, it’s an easy read for many children and a need

for educators.


Author: Tamar Matossian

Illustrator: Lindsay Browne








•One-on-one DIR Floor time therapy for young children with ASD in office or at home.


•One-on-one therapy for teens and pre-teens.


•The Social Club social skills group for teens

and pre-teens.


•Counseling for parents of children with special needs.


•In school behavioral support for children and teens.


•Collaboration with other specialists to create and implement support plans

for optimal results.




In-School Workshops


•Safe environment to nourish a positive self-identity.


•Identify different emotions and work through them.


•Enhance coping strategies.


•Cyber Etiquette and navigating social media.


•Techniques to help with emotional regulation, anxiety and stress reduction.




•Mutual support when discussing problems and working towards resolution.






•While there is an abundance of support for the child with special needs, there are not many options for their siblings. Siblings of children with special needs face challenges similar to one's that their parents may be facing, but have not yet developed the appropriate coping strategies adults use.


•Our group provides siblings of special needs children with emotional guidance and support with information when feeling confusion or frustration. When their feelings are validated and are comforted, then they are able to foster compassion and understanding for their sibling with special needs. Strategies and resources are given to assist in negotiation and to facilitate bonding between siblings.









Classes & Private Sessions For Those With & Without Special Needs

Pre-Teens (9-12y) & Teens  (13-19y)




•Where to find friends


•Recognizing characteristics of true friendships


•Finding common interests


•Entering & exiting conversations / understanding verbal & nonverbal social cues


•Handling rejection


•Manners with food in social situations


•Voicemail / texting / cyber etiquette


•Social Communication & Pragmatics






•Held on school breaks (Winter, Spring, Summer)


•Kids decide on activity & it’s location


•Kids will navigate to location with parent/adult, bring appropriate material (ex. money) & research the place on-line or by phone


•Director is present at the outing with no parent involvement


•Physical / verbal / cyber bullying


•Teasing / gossip


•Conflict resolution






•Techniques to help emotional, stress & anxiety regulation


•Identify how to be present in situations


•Organizing emotions & impulse control


•Food for thought


•Self-love / validation / gratitude


•Executive functioning skills


•Navigating social media


•Good sportsmanship










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